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17th Street BBQ

Few in the Famous Barbecue Joints circle are as respected as Mike Mills and his daughter Amy… the driving forces behind 17th Street BBQ. Since the early ’90s, Mike’s cherry and applewood-smoked baby back ribs have been winning world championships and breaking competition circuit records.

People travel from across the country to the small town of Murphysboro to devour great barbecue and budding pitmasters can leave with more than just leftovers thanks to a series of cooking workshops from Mike and his staff.

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q

Widely recognized as one of the oldest and most prestigious barbecue restaurants in the world, Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q was founded in Decatur, AL in 1925. Bob Gibson was an L & N railroad worker who honed his cooking skills on the weekends, in a hand dug barbecue pit.

Bob became famous for his Original Barbecue White Sauce. Five generations of pitmasters & over 90 years of barbecuing, they’ve earned 15 World BBQ Championships (Pork, Brisket, Ribs, Chicken) and 5 Memphis in May World BBQ Grand Championships